A Place to Call Home Series 4

"The rhythm of Lee’s writing, the tempo of the acting, the swell of Michael Yezerski’s Hollywood-like score, the camera angles, the moody lighting, the harmonious editing are all just right." The Australian 9/10/16.

Premieres Sunday September 11 on Showcase!!

None other than the Wall St Journal has chosen "A Place to Call Home" among its "Best TV of 2015" list. Click here.

“A Place To Call Home”(Acorn TV) , an impossibly addictive series set in early-1950s Australia has developed an impassioned following, with its story of the upper class Bligh family, and for good reason. It is period soap opera powered by hefty themes like class, money, religion and the long shadow of World War II, not to mention the stellar cast. Season three begins streaming Monday, December 21st."

According to The Hollywood Reporter no less, A Place To Call Home, is one of the most bingeworthy international TV series of 2016.

"The Brits aren't the only ones who can do period romance and upstairs/downstairs class conflict. This Australian delight, set in the 1950s, follows the fate of an upper class Australian family and the mysterious nurse Sarah Adams (Marta Dusseldorp), who returns home after 20 years abroad. Superbly written, and acted, this is Downton Abbey down under but less soapy, and substantially darker." (THR 7/8/16).

And this from legendary author Anne Rice: 

"Coming to the end of the first season of "A Place to Call Home," a delicious Australian nighttime soap. Recommending. The term "nighttime soap" might be obsolete, but I know of no better for this rich and interesting and well acted drama replete with all the dramatic ingredients: the powerful matriarch, the big house, the outcast woman of noble character, the tangled and complex family secrets, and even a conniving witchlike "in law." What did I leave out? The hospital, the brave and dedicated doctor, the loving pet dog? --- If any of you are already fans, don't tell me what happens!"

Season Three of A Place To Call Home has premiered on the Soho Channel to great acclaim and the highest ratings in that channel's history. It continues to be the highest rated drama on the Foxtel platform.

Music by Michael Yezerski.

Michael Yezerski