Storm Surfers 3D - The Ultimate Thrill Ride (narrated by Toni Collette)

The groundbreaking film from Justin McMillan and Chris Nelius. SS3D set cinemas alight worldwide and redefined surf and action photography. Music by Michael Yezerski and Richard Tognetti.

"Tech credits are off-the-Richter gnarly, led by . . . the percussive symphonics of the sweeping score by composer Michael Yezerski ("The Black Balloon") and Australian Chamber Orchestra leader Richard Tognetti."
Variety, Sept 4, 2012

Furious, epic, exhilarating: SS3D is an amazing ride. Richard Tognetti and I were going for a vast and expansive sound to complement the action.

Each time we approach a Storm Surfers film, we try and bring something new to it. This time we added to the mix one of the world's best drummers, Lucius Borich. It was a bit of an experiment but we found that Lucius' signature playing style sat brilliantly with Richard's soaring violin.

A score like this, rooted in the classical tradition (although standing apart from it) is an unusual choice for an action documentary, I know. That really is the point though. For us, it gives the film its own voice. Over the years, and with the support of the filmmakers, Chris Nelius and Justin McMillan, this sound has become an indelible part of the Storm Surfers experience.

Nominee Feature Film Score of The Year, 2012 APRA Awards.

Watch the trailer below.

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